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Naturens hemligheters ledare. foto: Daniel Melin

We are the people behind Naturens Hemligheter

We are three friends who passionately combine what we love the most: the great outdoors and outdoor cooking with fire!

Since 2018, Naturens Hemligheter (Secrets of Nature) offer workshops in outdoor cooking and bushcraft. Our workshops are suited for individual and small groups as well as for companies and organizations who strive to make their members/employees grow through team building activities in practical workshops in the outdoors. For employees in school or preschool we also offer courses in outdoor didactics, according to the goals in the national curriculums.

Come with us and explore!

Linus Nilsson
Andreas Fjällman
Joacim Norberg

Linus Palmqvist, CEO


Linus is a wilderness chef with a Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Preschool Education from the university of Stockholm. He has excellence in outdoor education and leadership from, among others, the university of Linköping, university of Umeå, Linnè university and Edinburgh Napier university. Linus has over 25 years of outdoor experience combined with a great passion for genuine outdoor-cooking with top quality produce. In recent years, in addition to wilderness events, he has been working with developing outdoor didactics and incorporating them with the preschool curriculum.

Andreas Fjällman


Andreas is a preschool teacher and elementary school teacher from Stockholm teacher college and university of Stockholm. He has been a scout since childhood and has over 15 years of experience in leading groups in outdoor activities. As well as being a devoted practitioner of outdoor activities he is a passionate outdoor-cook in constant search of new and interesting produce and flavor combinations. He and Linus participated in the 2019 Swedish championships in outdoor cooking.

Joacim Norberg


Joacim is a teacher in art and crafts from the university of Linköping, where he also studied outdoor-didactics. Joacim is skilled in woodwork and forging as well as in textiles and the preparation, coloring and use of wool. He has a genuine interest for using historical techniques and applying these in his work. Joacim is head of our classes in wood-carving.

Oscar Lindberg

Oscar is a new addition to Naturens Hemligheter. He is a nature-guide with a special interest in paddling and skiing. Oscar did his internship with us in 2020-2021 and has chosen to stay on as apprentice in the fields of outdoor-cooking and bushcraft. Oscar has studied Nature and Tourism at the Realgymnasium of Stockholm, where he trained as an activity leader in kayaking, skiing and hiking.

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